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wholesale Polyurethane Rigid Rubber Sealing Strip Casting Machine

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Ⅰ. Product Classification:
Polyurethane static perfusion machine.
Ⅱ. Functions and features:
The raw material is provided with a metering pump to set the mixing ratio of A and B materials to the head of the gun to carry out static mixing and no bubbles can be generated.
Mixing effect is good, can be continuously poured, mixing chamber will not produce heat.
Ⅲ. Application:
Products: filter, insole block, medium temperature elastomer products etc.
Ⅳ. Main parameters:
Mixing ratio(A:B)A:B=3:1A:B=3:1A:B=3:1A:B=3:1
Total discharge amount(g/s)1-3.52-86-1810-30
Pouring head stirring speed(r/min)4000-60004000-60004000-60004000-6000
Rotation speed of circle (r/min)15-10015-10015-10015-100
External dimension(length*width*height)mm1400*1100*20001400*1100*20001400*1100*20001400*1100*2000
Total power(kw)6678wholesale Polyurethane Rigid Rubber Sealing Strip Casting Machine
asked Aug 8 in Lizards General Questions by ttf5511 (300 points)

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