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China Halloween pattern light manufacturer

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About Forever Shining
Located  in the special economical zone of China-Shenzhen, Forever Shining  Opto-electronics Co., Ltd. is a booming LED factory specializing in led strips manufacturing. We are a excellent led strips producer equipped with professional technicians and supermatic chip mounters. Fast production and  timely delivery are our promises to the customers. Innovation and sound service are our surviving weapons. We are shining in led strips area, we aim at  bringing forever shining led strips to the world.
Our sharp edges
1.Sound and complete types of led strips
Our main products are led strips. We not only produce 3528, 5050, 2835, 3014, 5730, 5630, 335 SMD led strips, but also produce 3mm 5mm DIP led strips and IC digital strips.
What's more, to meet the demands of different customers, we also supply different grades. Ordinary strips are cheap and suitable for low prices hunters. Middle  grade strips are cost-effective with acceptable prices and decent quality, they  are designed for developed countries' market. Moreover, Superior led strips are  our trump cards, they have thick PCB, high lumens and long lifespan which  enable them shining in luxurious places such as five-star hotels.
2.Advanced equipment and fast production/timely delivery
To enlarge production and speed up delivery, we weeded out the aged machines. Now we have four sets high-speed chip mounters and re-flow soldering machines. If all material are ready and all the new machines operate at full speed, we can  make 5000m IP20 strips ready per day.
3.Accessories Convenience to Customers
Our main business scopes are led strips. In order to offer our customers good  service, we also supply led strips accessories. Because we have partner factories producing power supplies, controllers and connectors. We can get cheap prices from them and offer these accessories at no-profits prices to our led strips customers. Delivering all parcels in one pack is a good way to save  freights and time.
What's  more,we can customize special led strips at low MOQ for our potential customers.
Our strategy
Considering the sharply competed markets of led strips, we only earn low profits from our ordinary strips, thus the MOQ  should be bigger. In most cases, we have finished ordinary strips in stock, enabling rapid delivering.
For conventional superior strips, the MOQ is small. Multiple types in one order is also welcome. Customizing is also  available. We only store PCB and leds, 3-5 days are enough for small conventional orders.
We want to build stable business relationship and get win-win result with our customers.
If you trust Forever Shining, you will shine forever!
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China Halloween pattern light manufacturer
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