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Customized Qin zither

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B Zhongni Guqin Introduction: Zhongni style - the most popular style of the past
Zhongni style is also known as Confucius, Master style. Zhongnian piano head is the common square head, neck, shoulder adduction oblique under the arc, the waist adduction side of the article, in addition, do not change. The overall simple and generous, curvature of the round with a good, quite Confucian way of life; Aegean people like most of this style, perhaps because this style is not too complicated, more scholarly temperament, its voice is peaceful, more people can have inner recognition. Can be sure Zhongni is one of the oldest style, but also the most representative of the Guqin connotation of the style.
Day rhyme Qin Zheng guqin production process:
1. Selected embryo; (Panel, floor)
2. Embryos; (Panel floor)
3. Panels do shape. Cut belly. (Playing rough embryo, fine embryo)
4. To do the floor;
5. Pianos;
6. Inlay mountain, exposed, crown and other hardwood materials.
7. Cloths;
8. Scraping rough putty, delicate child;
9. Top paint. On the emblem
10. On the goose foot
11. Strings, into a piano. And other eleven processes, the choice of a hundred years old Fangcao fir, high-quality antler cream, large paint and other materials, which lasted a few years carefully completed.Customized Qin zither
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