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grinding wheel spindle factory

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Yancheng Jiuheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng city in 2008, specializing in designing and producing top quality abrasive products(such as flap disc, Velcro disc, sanding belt, strip disc …) in China.
Mission of REX:
We are committed to providing customers with the most suitable products rather than the most expensive items.
What REX Provide:
What REX Have:
1, 10 years‘ production and marketing experience
2, factory of 6000 square meters
3, advanced equipment, such as: automatic flap disc push machine, oven, automatic cutting machine…
4, professional inspection equipment
Who is REX used for:
Metal, wood, plastic, car, ship, metallurgy, leather, glass...
Certificates approved of REX:
1, MPA
2, ISO9001
3. TUV
Which industries REX products can be applied to:
Main markets of REX:
REX service:
Warranty: strict guarantee of delivery time
Package and transportation:
Any requirements of package and transportation can be accepted.
OEM & Customization: can be customized
REX agent wanted:
REX is always looking for distributors in your country. Please contact us to find distributor requirements.
If you are interested in flap disc, sanding belt, velcro disc, strip disc, flap wheel and other abrasive products, please feel free to contact with us.
REX hopes to establish long-term cooperative relationships between each other and achieve win-win. REX will be the ideal partner for you.
Yancheng jiuheng industry & trade Co., Ltd.
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:30 am-17:30 pm
Tel.: 86-515-88210909
Fax: 86-515-83077866
Add.: No.1, North Zefu Road, Qinnan Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China
Contact: Mrs. Zhang
Office: 86-515-88210909
Mobile: 86(0) 18932279805
Email: sales@ycjhgm.com
WhatsApp: +8618932279805
Skype: zoezhang831124
  grinding wheel spindle factory
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