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voith transmission hydraulic Price list

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Our History
The company is a collection of hydraulic machinery design, manufacture, sale in a body specialized company. The company is located in xinxiang, henan industrial zone, building area of 58000 square meters.
Our Factory
The company has the domestic first-class production equipment and advanced detection means, and has a high-quality staff team. Has the core technical personnel 20 people, sales of 15 people,after five people..
Our Product
Constant filling Fluid couplings,coupler fluid couplings,variable speed coupling
Product Application
Scraper conveyer,belt conveyer,chain conveyer,screw conveyer,excavator,various elevator,coal plough, ball mill,crusher,various crane,bucket wheel excavator,bucket wheel stacker reclaimer,recreation machine, water pump,fan.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Digital controlled latheCAK6163BShenyang No. 1 Plant of Machine Tools5
universal internal grinderME1432BShanxi Machine Tools1
The torque-limiting type hydraulic coupling characteristics of the transmission test bench
made in our own plant1
Speed control type hydraulic coupling characteristics of the transmission test bench
made in our own plant1
Fluid coupling is special machine tools
The Great Wall machine tool plant10
Production Market
North America,South America,Eastern Europe
Our Service
1, The product pre-sales, we will provide the best technical advice for you, and satisfy all kinds of product information requests.
2, In the sale of services, ensure timely answers to your problems, to provide technical support for all aspects before the clients inspect their products.
3, After-sales service,technician ensure timely answers to your problems,to provide technical support.
4, Three months since the clients use the machine,the company will survey the result after using,and understand the situation device usage.
5. If some problems arise in the using, our experts will give you the best maintenance and repair work in the shortest time.
6, We can supply the equipment of quick-wear parts and we can also give you the best suggestion for you.
7, We always keep in touch with every user to communicate to a return or visit you,and accept your various comments and suggestions.
8, To create the more value is our promise.
9, The service Tel:0086-0373-3716632
                       Mobile Phone:0086-18625952228
                       E-mail: xinxiangjintian_01@163.comvoith transmission hydraulic Price list
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