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Separation equipment

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Customized Decanter Centrifuge with Stainless Steel Bowl for 2 & 3 Phase Separation to Discharge Sludge and Waste Water
UNRF Series Decanter Centrifuge
●  We provide both Disc Centifuge and Decanter Centrifuge to handle Solid-Liquid Separation & Liquid-Liquid Separation & Liquid - Liquid - Solid Separation.
● Application:
Dehydrating soybean and wheat protein
Dehydrating fish meat and fish
Dehydrating vinasse
Purifying fruit juice and dehydrating dietary fiber
Separating and purifying animal and vegetable oils,
Kitchen waste oil and cooking oil separation, etc,..
Take dairy industry for example, centrifugal separation could be used in the following operation processing:
1. clarification (removal of solid impurities from milk prior to pasteurization)
2. skimming (separation of cream from skim milk)
3. standardizing
4. whey separation (separation of whey cream (fat) from whey)
5. bactofuge treatment (separation of bacteria from milk)
6. quark separation (separation of quarg curd from whey)
7. butter oil purification (separation of serum phase from anhydrous milk fat).etc.....
Technical parameters
ModelBowl Dia
rate of
(r/min)G-ForcePower of
UNRF220x6602203480028407.5-119001650 x 1150 x 700
UNRF220x8802204430022807.5-1110001850 x 1200 x 750
UNRF300x11403003.8375023704268915002100 x 1300 x 650
UNRF355x11603503.3400031002220203067 x 920 x 1060
UNRF355x14603504.1400031002222003365 x 920 x 1060
UNRF400x120040033500275018.5-2225002400 x 1650 x 900
UNRF420x16804204360030002224303320 x 1000 x 1060
UNRF450x13504503350030803022303750 x 1090 x 1250
UNRF450x180045043500308030-3735004200 x 1090 x 1250
UNRF530x18005303.43200304045-5539204565 x 1230 x 1350
UNRF530x212053043200304045-5542004885 x 1230 x 1350
UNRF730x24007303.324002350110-13293005500 x 3200 x 1450
UNRF1120x33001100314001200160-200157007000 x 3600 x 1780
Remark: More models with customized design service handling other food processing operation are avaiable on the clients' specific requirements.
If you're interested in the customized decanter centrifuge with stainless steel bowl for 2 & 3 phase separation to discharge sludge and waste water, welcome to buy with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its good performance, high accuracy and high safety.Separation equipment
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