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solar motion light NOMO

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NOMO began in Shenzhen China and grew to become a nationally recognized high technology company. We are one of the leading providers of solar LED applications in the world. We specialize in research, development and manufacturing of all kinds of cutting-edge solar streetlights. Our patented technologies and designs created a new level of versatility and adaptability for the outdoor lighting industry.
You can trust NOMO products as they have been field tested in real life projects in some of the harshest environments on the planet, and have performed as promised for years! Great quality, as-promised lead time delivery, competitive pricing and a sterling reputation on after-sales support makes us the industry leader.  
Very few companies can match our resume. In-house design and manufacturing of intelligent control systems and smart MPPT modules at the PCB level is exactly what you need for your project, and that is exactly what we bring to the table.
NOMO is the first company to apply wireless remote systems in an all-in-one solar streetlight solution. Our products have been installed in South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, UK, North America, and Latin American Countries with years of successful performance. NOMO achieved the first off-grid, outdoor solar lighting systems for rural regions. As long as there is sunshine, NOMO will be there to supply green energy, turn key solutions, and one stop service for our partners and customers.   Light is HOPE. NOMO always inspires to be a nature friendly deliverer of solar LED lighting to benefit the society in which our lights are installed.
1. Our Vision
To bright up the world with intelligent all in  one solar street lights,  providing people in the world more bright, safe, pure, natural, lighting solutions and real smart LED lights .  
2. Our Mission
(1)Focus today for tomorrow’s growth and creation
(2)Focus on positive attitude
(3)Focus on new markets and customer co-operation
(4)Focus on research and developments
(5)Focus on your goals and target
(6)Focus on vision and mission statement of the organization.
(7)Focus on your believe and believe in your positive instincts
(8)Focus on positive mind and ideas
(9)Focus on excellent work and efficiency
(10)Focus on customer service and support
(11)Focus on teamwork and mutual co-operation
(12)Focus on green energy and contributionsolar motion light NOMO
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