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China sanforizing machine

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Shrinking machine for woven fabric
The rubber shrinking system is widely used for shrinking various woven fabrics of pure cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy, damask, color woven cloth.It improves the feel,the look and the dimension stability.Latter is very important to reduce the shrinkage of the garment after washing.
The rubber belt shrinking is the last value-added process in the textile dyeing and finishing sequence,
Optimum residual shrinkage due to the high-tech drive concept
Stabilisation of the fabric structure
Silk-like shine, soft fabric touch
Production speeds up to 100 m/min are possible
Robust and long-lasting machine design, minimisation of vibrations
All bearings arranged outside of the wet area and therefore no corrosion

Technical features
*Max working width 3.2m
*As option with pin or clip chain stenter section in front of the rubber belt unit.
*High Preshrinking ability(up to 18%)
*electrical adjustment of pressure and release of the rubber belt.
*Advanced technique(A.C. Inverter、PLC control、each working unit equipped with AC drive frequency controlled permanent fabric tension control,constant tension after stop and restart)
*Permanent process control by online shrinkage and temperature measurement
*Touch screen monitor for easy dajustment of all precess parameters
*High safety standard of the machine by photocell control

Process flow
Infeed in open width→steam dampening(penetrating)→3-bowl rubber blanket pre-shrinking→felt blanket finishing more uniform and suitable humidity. Saturation steam or pressure air without oil can be air source of the box. It is used the imported acentric spray device, instead of spray device.
High-weight Rubber blanket shrinking unit
This unit is the most important one, like heart or soul, in sanforizer equipment. The fabric between the heating pressure roller and rubber carpet is squeezed through pressing roller, and the rubber carpet, which touches the heating pressure roller, becomes longer radially. Along with the roller running, the rubber blanket, loosed squeezing force, shrinks backward, and then the fabric is brought to shrink radial. This unit can be able to withstand 20 tons of extrusion pressure to ensure high sanforizing ratio.
Felt finishing unit.
This unit is used for drying the fabric after sanforizer and keeps the shrinkage effect, and improves the hand feeling. It adopts pneumatic device, easily adjusting, with moderate pressure; rectify-deviation adopts the imported photoelectricity detector with fast reaction and high precision.China sanforizing machine
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