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textile laminating machine price

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Main function:
This machine can used for cotton, chemical fiber, blending, nonwoven fabrics surface plastic or silicone dripping through design roller.
fabric entry----padder roller send fabric----design roller dripping----heating chamber ----cooling----fabric out
main technical data:
effective width:500—1800mm
machine speed:8—40 m/min
heating temperature:100—170℃
chamber length: 15m
total machine power:130KW
machine size:23400*2600*2700mm(L*W*H)
main equipment
fabric entry:include fabric entry weld steel frame 1 set, tension frame 1 set. φ102*2000mm guide roller 3pcs, running board 1pc, automatic Photoelectric edge suction device 1set
dripping head:Steel welded frame 1set, φ102*2000mm guide roller 1pc,stainless steel tank 2pcs, dripping scraper 2pcs, roller surface clean blade 1pc, spreading roller 1pc( Aluminium alloy), 1.5kw Cycloidal pin wheel reducer 1set, High pressure screw pump 1set( inverter control),this machine use 1018 roller
chamber part: entry machine head 1set,use photoelectric automatic edge device,φ102*2000mm entry roller 1pc,0.75KW Edge detection motor 2set. Chamber total length 15m, 5 chambers, use chain type rail, drive motor use 5.5KW cycloidal pin wheel reducer 1set,electric heating power:120KW,automatic temperature control. Width adjust motor use 1.5KW cycloidal pin wheel reducer 1set,width adjust gear box 7sets,chamber insolation door use double layer Cold-rolled steel plate, middle with Insulation material , thickness 80mm.
fabric out:fabric out frame 1 set,φ168*2000mm fabric out roller 1pc,φ102*2000mm guide roller 3pcs, guide drive motor use1.5KW cycloidal pin wheel reducer 1set
electrical parts:machine use Japan Mitsubishi inverter, electrical element use Delixi brand, main machine control box 1pc, operation box 3pcs, machine use inverter control to make fabric entry, dripping and chamber, fabric out SYNCtextile laminating machine price
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