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buy Gas phase air filters

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Box-style Carbon and chemical filters
Airknow box-style Carbon and chemical filters is designed for continuous removal of low level concentrations of Airborne Molecular Contamination(AMC) less than 500ppb. The carbon filters are structured with corrosion resistant steel frame and V-bank separated plates, with total carbon weighting more than 15KG. Total carbon weight directly affects the amount of contaminant the filter can hold before breakthrough occurs.
VOC filters or odor filters has direct relation with carbon media loading, which is the weight of carbon per square meter of media. the higher the loading, the more carbon the carbon filters contains . The higher the activity of the carbon, the higher the capacity for contaminant removal.
Airknow carbon filter's carbon rates 90% in activity. The more surface of thee carbon granules that is blinded by the bonding method, the lower the capacity and efficiency of the filter. Airknow’s hybrid chemical filters media only have 1.5% of the surface area is blinded.
Airknow carbon filter element used as house air filters or industrial air filters insist on good quality to service for clients .
Chemical filter or sometimes gas filter is made of polyester media combined with impregnated activated carbon with excellent removal performance of dust and odors.buy Gas phase air filters
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