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bulk Sausage Filler

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Title:Commercial Stainless  Steel Vertical sausage filler LFGB Certificate
Description: Commercial 3L/5L/7L/ Stainless  Steel Vertical sausage filler
Keywords:Professional Manufacturer of Commercial sausage filler, Stainless Steel sausage stuffer, sausage  making machine, Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage  Making Machine, Sausage Stuffers, Sausage fillers
Product Introduction of the Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler  
All stainless  steel body
Attachments: 4  PCS sausage making tube
Easy to clean  the machine and keep the hygiene
3L/5L/7L/10L/15L  available    
2.Product  Parameter(Specification) of the Stainless  Steel Vertical sausage filler
Series Commercial Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler Parameter
Model Cubage Net    weight Size Material
FSF-3L 3L 13kg 580*340*310    mm   Stainless steel
FSF-5L 5L 14kg 700*340*310 mm   Stainless steel
FSF-7L 7L 16kg 850*340*310    mm   Stainless steel
FSF-10L 10L 20kg 650*430*330 mm   Stainless steel
FSF-15L 15L 22kg 780*430*330 mm   Stainless steel
3. Product Feature And Application of the Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler
Beautiful design
Easy to be used, safe and durable
Manual operation, two speed level
Made of stainless steel
This Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler can be used to make sausage in different size; it is ideal equipment for hotels, restaurants and supermarket.
4. Production details of the Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler
Four pcs of sausage making tub
5. Product Qualification of the Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler
6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Stainless Steel Vertical sausage filler
7. FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
T/T, L/C, Western Union
Delivery details
For small items, we can send them by DHL,  UPS, China post and airfreight.
For bulk order, sea shipping with  reasonable price will be recommended. It can save you much shipping charges.  The documents of customs clearance will be prepared soon after container loading.
Quality Control
Our factory follows quality control system  strictly. To ensure longer service lifetime, the key parts are used with  international brand. And we focus on each small detail, such as smooth edge  polish. Each item will be checked carefully before loading.  
Warranty terms
1-year warranty
For some items, we will suggest client to  purchase some key parts for longer service lifetime.
Customer Service
We are a professional manufacturer of  commercial kitchen equipment, as well as customized products. bulk Sausage Filler
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