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Our History
Kimeery is a professional manufacturer of RFiD Tags, started in 2006 with the primary objective of distinct culture of customer satisfaction through product quality, affordability and on time delivery,and own strong R&D group for develop good and stable performance rfid tags.
Our Factory
We are professional rfid tags company which have a lot of our own patents such as rfid tire tags, soft anti-metal tags,super mini rfid tags also anti-metal,and ABS anti-metal tags,and we have the capability to design and manufacture customized tags in various frequencies (LF, HF & UHF) as per ISO Standards.
Our Product
Kimeery is based on its own technology development with more than 10 pieces patents.Business covers all kinds of RFID tags such as LF rfid tags/labels,HF rfid tags/labels and UHF rfid labels. Especially our patent products-RFID such as rfid tire tag, RFID soft printable anti-metal tag, RFID Super mini only φ8.6mm tag,rfid small ABS anti-metal tags etc.
Production Equipment
Currently we have a complete RFID industry lines, for example, RFID design, antenna etching line,  die-cutting line,flip-chip  assembly, Composite rfid machine,materials lamination line, label testing machine line, Ultrasonic welding machine , offer one-stop service on the RFID tag from develop to manufacture.
Production Market
Kimeery is big equipped to meet the growing needs of the global market providing a full range of RFiD Tags and supports high performance rfid tags to all over the world of rfid solution provider.
Our service
Kimeery is pleasure to be your exclusive partner with long term cooperation,  OEM/ODM/SDK and terms of FOB, CIF, EX-works and so on all available to support.Event Wristbands
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