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   Why we need a quilt? LAN'S will tell you that When we sleep, the body's metabolism is slowing down, followed by our body temperature to decline. So this time we need to use external items to keep our body warm.Cashmere is the most precious animal fiber which is known as "soft gold" "fiber diamonds" in the international arena.It is more and more popular as its warm, skin-friendly, soft, slim, light, scarce and other characteristics.The yield of global annual cashmere is less than 10,000 tons.So cashmere product is the Symbol of high-end.
Key Features:
(1)30%cashmere 70%Australian Wool with Woolmark and Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificates.
(2) Fabric: 100%cotton 100*100S bleach white
(3)Weight : 400gsm for winter
(4)Packaging : common PVC bag or as customers demands
(5)Edge : Double needle shell
LAN`S Home Textile respects fundemental natural and healthy sleep,advocating “ Health
from Nature”.
We commit ourselves to leading the new trend for a natural home by the development of
modern design innovation.
LAN`S has been engaged in the wool industry for over 30 years and we are devoted to
providing our customers with healthier products to promote a better life.
LAN`S Home Textile is a professional home textile manufacturer specialising in wool,Australian
Merino,Cashmere and Camel hair quilts with a strong scientific research facility based in
Nantong,Jiangsu Province.
LAN'S Mixture Wool Quilt Process:
Mainly we have 6 kinds of techniques for your choice:
1. Machine overlocked
2. Hand overlocked
3. Tridimentional cover
4. Single overlocked cover (add one thread around the edge)
5. Double overlocked cover (add two threads around the edge)
6. 2 in 1 quilt (two quilts together, one thin quilt and one thick quilt)

The features of sheep cashmere (fine wool):
The most important thing you should learn:
To achieve the washable function, the most important thing is the wool mercerizing treatment. You know wool fiber outside is scalies layer. After washing, the wool will shrink and stick together because of the rough scales.The treatment method on abroad is to add a layer of resin on the wool,so that the wool surface becomes smooth.But the resin will fall off over time.I think this way also contrary to the principles of nature.
Our company has studied it for about 20 years, after repeated trial,now we have another good method. We adopt mercerizing tech to remove the scaly.
LAN'S wool processing:
Certificate: cashmere comforter Manufacturers
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